Trendy Christmas decor ideas for 2022

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Christmas is only a month away and it’s time for us to start prepping up our homes for the long celebrations. We know the festive period is full of special moments for the family. So let’s get ready to decorate our homes with fuzzy warm Christmas decorations, sing some Christmas carols, drink some hot cocoa, and spread the #HolidayCheer

Below are some amazing Christmas-themed decorations and DIYs to make your homes ready for the holiday season.

Some of the things you’d require for the decorations are a Christmas tree, lots of  Christmas lights, glass balls of different colors, some Christmas ornaments, wreaths, candles, stockings, tree toppers, Santa Clause and Christmas Figurines, and some fake snow. 

My favourite color palette of this year is BLUE and WHITE. Traditionally the colors associated with Christmas are RED, GOLD, GREEN, and WHITE. These colors have some significant value to them. Also, some metallic colors work out well too.

Let’s put on some pyjamas and get started

  1. Make your Christmas tree the centre attraction of your living room. Decorate it with beautiful ornaments, glass balls, stockings, and a tree topper. If you have any vintage furniture, now is the time to bring it out. Place it near the fireplace, get a hot cup of cocoa and have a warm and cozy evening. 
  2.  Though the living room is where all the decorations are done, do not forget the bedrooms and the bathroom. We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms so it’s a must to add some holiday cheer here too.
  3. You can start by decorating your headboard with pretty garlands and throw in some red or green blankets on the bed. You can also set up a small tree with little lighting and a Christmas banner. Add freshly cut foliage or a wreath to add a little bit of holiday scent to your room.
  4. Add a little color to the bathroom with scented candles and some baubles. You could also get some beautiful tea-light holders to match the Christmas décor in the rest of the house. Also, place a small ceramic Christmas tree or small Christmas figures for extra effects.
  5. The tinsel tree trend is back again in full force. Initially, it started in Germany in the early 1600s and the tinsel made from real silver was used to decorate Christmas trees and was said to be a sign of prosperity. The trend came back around the ‘50s and ‘60s but was made from a much more affordable PVC plastic. You can either opt-out for a full tinsel tree or simply add some silver strands to your live tree. Both versions will turn out great.
  6. If you’ve ever given your grandparents a hand with the Christmas decoration during your childhood, then you would remember the shiny bright ornaments. Since the classic and nostalgic Christmas decor is back in style these shiny glass ornaments are back in demand. They come in colors like red, gold, green, pink, blue, and silver. Grab a few of them and start decorating with your kid for a ride down memory lane.
  7. Do not forget to decorate the walls, the fireplace, and the door. Decorate the wall with Christmas banners and buntings. Make them on your own for a fun session with your partner and kids. Put on some Christmas figures on the fireplace and do not forget the stockings. Put on a beautiful wreath or any other DIY décor of your choice to complete your Christmas decoration.
  8. Use lots of fairy lights, scented candles and Christmas figures to decorate all around the house. 

Some DIY(Do it yourself) websites and YouTube Channels are listed below for you to find a project and enjoy a fun-filled session with your family and friends. 


Hope this blog has helped you with your Christmas decorations. Thank you for reading. A Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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