Tips and ideas for luxurious interior design under a budget.

Luxurious interior designing


We all love and envy the homes that are styled with rich and luxurious interiors and wonder if we can afford them for ourselves, right? To help you out of this situation we’ve curated some tips to help you get that luxurious interior without hurting your pocket.

Here are 8 tips to turn your home from boring to wow-some without too much stressing and spending.

  • Coordinate – Always coordinate your furnishings, curtains, pillows, and decor. Keep a theme in mind and decorate along the same theme. Mismatched furnishings and decor make the home look shabby and boring. An apt theme like summer hues or everything antique or Classic black can uplift your interior and give a rich look.

  • Avoid cluttering or hoarding: Cluttering your homes with too much furniture and things doesn’t look good. It also tends to make cleaning tedious. Keep your furnishings minimalistic with only the furniture that your home requires. Not too much and not too little. Make sure the furniture is simple and functional so that it does its job and still looks beautiful.


  • Up-cycle – Instead of throwing away your broken or old furniture, decor objects up-cycle them to create something beautiful and useful out of them. It not only reduces your cost but becomes an activity for you and your family to cherish.

  • Upgrade your old furnishings- If your furnishings are too old change them to new ones. Staying in trend can make a huge difference in your home interiors. Change your pillow covers, curtains, and table mats once in a while to change the mood and the setting of your home.

  • Use ample lighting- The right amount of light can instantly change the way a place can look. So, it’s important to have the right setup for lighting. Using warm lights creates a cozy and warm ambience. Have bright lights only in the place where you work as the study or library. A chandelier makes your interiors scream luxury and adds that extra oomph. Small antique fixtures can also make your interiors beautiful. Use unique lampshades which give out beautiful hues.

  • Decor – One thing that can make or break your entire interior design plan is your decor. When your decor is right every aspect of your interior design looks more beautiful. Throw in some mirrors, paintings, aesthetic decor pieces, or ornamental plants; these are in trend always.

luxury interior decor

  • Paint it right – Choose the right paint for the finishing to look good. Painting can give your place a complete makeover. There’s so much to play around with paint. You can go all monochromatic or use contrasts as per your theme and decor. A good colour palette will uplift the whole ambience.

  • Choosing the fabric – Choose the right fabric for your sofa, curtain table mats, etc. A carpet or rug underneath your coffee table or dining table works wonders. Bed runners, table runners, and doormats all add a little extra luxury to your interior setup.

Hope these tips can help you in making your dream of a luxurious interior design under a budget come true. Hiring the right interior design team can also be useful as they can provide you with insights and advice. Our team at BridgeHomez can help you achieve your dream without any hassle and stress.

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