The complete guide to modular kitchen layouts.

Modular kitchen interior


If you are planning on designing your kitchen or remodelling the previous one, you’re probably aware of all the hassles you have to go through to choose the right things. Like the perfect counter-top, the cabinets, or the cook-top. Choosing the right options could be easier said than done. One other thing that takes a lot of time is planning the layout. So there are 6 layouts one can choose from and each of these comes with its advantages. Keep in mind the Golden Triangle concept while planning the kitchen for convenience and efficiency.

The 6 types of Modular Kitchen Layouts:

The most common modular kitchen layouts are U-Shaped, L-Shaped, One wall or Straight Kitchen, Peninsula or G-shaped Kitchen, Parallel or Galley Kitchen, and Island Kitchen. Each of these makes use of the work triangle concept differently.

U-Shaped Kitchen

u shape kitchen interior design
This layout is ideal for large kitchen spaces. This has one of the most efficient work triangles as compared to the rest of the layout designs. Another advantage of this layout is that it provides ample storage space with tall units and cabinets in both upper and lower spaces. Also, you get to have plenty of counter space and more than one person can work in the kitchen simultaneously.

L- Shaped Kitchen

l shape kitchen interior
This is probably the most common kitchen layout and is ideal for smaller kitchen areas. It gives maximum utilisation of space available and provides ample storage area. The work triangle concept can be used conveniently with a small dining table as well.

One walled or Straight Kitchen

straight or one walled kitchen interior
This kitchen layout is suitable for studio and loft apartments. It’s the simplest layout design with no work triangle as such since it’s designed in a straight line. It’s ideal for people who prefer to keep the kitchen space minimum while still maintaining efficiency. This layout design provides decent storage space and can be easier to clean and maintain.

Island Kitchen

Island kitchen interior
The island kitchen is the ultimate dream of many homeowners who like to cook or invite a lot of guests. This layout looks amazingly beautiful and can be a great contemporary option if you have the space for it. This layout can be planned in a large kitchen area or can be utilized in open kitchen-based plans. There is an unconnected island space or counter-top combined with either a Straight or L-Shaped layout. The Island can be used as an extra counter-top or as a quick breakfast spot. It can also be used as a bar counter or your favourite baking spot. Add in an extra sink or stove-top for extra workspace. With two working and storage spaces, this layout is ideal for people who love entertaining guests. Since this layout has multiple uses it could become the heart of the house, where the entire family can cook, converse and have fun.

Peninsular or G-shaped Kitchen

G-shape kitchen interior

Just like the island kitchen, a peninsular kitchen provides an extra counter or workspace. Unlike an island kitchen, the peninsular layout is connected to the main counter-top or workspace, which makes it accessible from only three sides and not 4 like in the island layout. This layout is also a great option if the kitchen area is small. This layout provides the advantage of an island worktop while using less floor space. The concept of a work triangle can be easily implemented
in this layout design.

Parallel or Galley Kitchen

Parallel kitchen interior
If you love cooking or baking this could be your dream kitchen. A parallel kitchen provides two work-spaces opposite each other. Hence there is a lot of storage and counter space available with plenty of room for movement too. This kitchen layout is easy to maintain and is suitable for most houses. It’s convenient, efficient, and beautiful at the same time.

So all you have to do now is choose a kitchen layout that suits your needs and fits perfectly in your floor plan. If you are planning on designing your kitchen interior in Bengaluru and still need some help from the experts please Book free consultation with us. We, at BridgeHomez, provide the best interior services in Bangalore. We design the latest and trendy modular kitchens at affordable prices.

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