straight kitchen design with brown and white wood laminates dining table

Modular kitchen interior Designs in Bangalore

Cooking can be a tedious task if the kitchen isn’t planned well. Sometimes one needs to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing a meal for their loved ones.But this task could be turned into a joyful affair if the kitchen is designed in the right way.Designing a kitchen requires keen observation and rapt attention.

Spending hours in a space filled with kitchen utensils and appliances can be tiring. Hence, a kitchen should be classy, elegant yet spacious with an ample amount of light, air, and storage area.

We at BridgeHomez, make cooking a breeze with our stylish and elegant kitchens. We take pride in being the best kitchen designer in Bangalore with our experienced and talented designing team.Trendy and contemporary kitchens with optimum use of space available, elegant yet best in functionality are our goals.

Kitchen interior Designs

U shaped kitchen design
U-shaped kitchen Design

Three adjacently placed countertops surround you on three sides with cabinets placed above and drawers placed below the countertops for storing all your kitchen accessories. With ample storage area and abundant space, this is one of the latest and most efficient kitchen layouts in Bangalore.

L shape Kitchen Designers in Bangalore
L-shaped kitchen Design

A classic layout where two adjacent walls are used to feature two benchtops. This layout is appropriate for the open kitchen concept and provides lots of open space for movement with an effective storage facility.

Parallel Kitchen Designers in Bangalore
Parallel Kitchen Design

This layout features two benchtops designed parallel or opposite to each other. This provides ample workspace in small and busy kitchens with easy storage options on both sides.

Straight Modular Kitchen Designers in Bangalore
Straight Kitchen Design

This kitchen layout is suitable for studio and loft apartments. With just one single countertop, cabinets lining the wall, and linear drawers places below, it provides easy access to crockery and grocery items. This layout is kept minimal with optimum efficiency

island-shaped kitchen designers in Bangalore
Island kitchen Design

If you plan on having an open kitchen with a large kitchen area, this is the best layout you can opt for. This layout provides extra storage space with seating options too. The layout can be designed in either an L-shaped or straight kitchen with an unconnected island countertop that can be used as an extended dining area for a quick breakfast.

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