partition designer for living room and dining hall

Living and Dining Room interiors

Designing a living room is a difficult job as it requires reflecting one’s personality with elegance and also has a homely aura. And choosing the right interior designers in Bangalore can be a risky task.

Living areas need to be designed carefully as guests are received here and most of the quality family time is spent here only. Your living room speaks volumes about your home interior and also your hospitality. Therefore this area needs to be designed in a way to please you and provide comfort to your guests as well.

Designing the area aesthetically without compromising on its comfort and functionality requires a lot of skill and in-depth knowledge acquired over years of experience. The definition of comfort changes from one person to another.

One would want the living room to be spacious with the right lighting setups, other would want a snug seating arrangement with a detailed tv unit.

Some would want to display their achievements, cute family photos, inspiring quotes, or beautiful showpieces. But in the end, combining them all to make one unique interior design demands a lot of attention and experience.Worry not for BridgeHomez is here to help you out in designing the most beautiful living rooms in Bangalore. With our highly skilled team of interior designers, make your living area one of the most beautiful ones in the city.

Types of living rooms

Living areas need to be impressive as well as comfortable. A well-designed living room brings a good impression on the rest of the home interior. A classy Tv unit with a false ceiling and aesthetic furnishings can turn a boring space into a beautiful living room.

Foyer area interior design
Foyer Area

The foyer area creates the first impression of your home. This is where you welcome your guests and they get a glimpse of your home interiors. A foyer often has a coat closet or extra space to store your guest’s belongings.

partition designer for living room and dining hall
Dining Room

A dining room is not just a room where a family shares a meal but also the hub of family bonding, laughter, happiness, and exciting plans. This place requires accommodating the whole family with an ambiance that makes them forget their problems and spend time together. We make these moments recurring with our amazing Crockery units and dining table designs in Bangalore for all your storage and seating arrangements.

interior designers for pooja units in bangalore
Pooja Units

Pooja rooms are special areas in a house that are dedicated to spiritual worship and meditation. The ambiance requires to be calm and soothing to attain inner peace and salvation. According to Vaastu, Pooja rooms should always be designed in the northwest corner of the house to enhance positive energies. We offer the best Pooja room designs in Bangalore. Consult our design experts for more ideas and Vaastu tips.


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