Essential decorating ideas for your guest bedroom

We put in a lot of effort to design and decorate our homes. Master bedrooms, kitchen, and living area are given more importance. But we often forget about the guest bedroom and trust me it is more than deserving of our attention. Having guests at home is considered to be a blessing. As the saying goes “Atithi Devo Bhava”, it makes sense in treating our guests as Gods. Hence the rooms for our guests need to be designed aptly. While planning a guest bedroom we need to keep 3 things in mind, convenience, efficiency, and aura. The room needs to be convenient for our guests to relax and refresh. It needs to be efficient with wardrobes and cupboards for storing their luggage and it needs to have a calm and soothing aura for our guests to get their much-needed sleep. Also, it serves as a cozy spot for your family and friends to experience your interior designing skills. So aim for a chic yet comfortable guest bedroom and welcome your guests in style.

Some ideas for decorating guest bedrooms:

  1. Have a theme in mind before planning your guest bedroom. It can have a modern flair with vibrant color schemes, keep it simple with a rustic-inspired interior, or be lively with a floral theme.
  2. Match the furnishings with the wall paints. The furnishings can be in the same shades or contrasting shades.
  3. Also, you can go with a blend of classic and modern designs. Use layers of textures to decorate the room like custom rugs and curtains.
  4. Walls can be decorated with beautiful wallpapers or upholstered for a more dramatic flair.
  5. Throw in some antique furnishings like chairs, ottomans, or a chest of drawers to make it cozy and stylish.
  6. Decoratives like showpieces, plants, or custom-designed furniture will add more oomph.
  7. Make the room more aesthetic by adding chandeliers, statues, or rustic lamps.
  8. Make sure to add a comfortable mattress, bed sheets, and pillows, and a comforter or quit matching your theme.
  9. Hang in some paintings, frames with famous quotes, family pictures, or vintage mirrors for more charm.
  10. Choose flooring according to your theme. Many options are available for floorings such as wooden floors, marble, granites, and tiles.
  11. Customized wardrobes and cupboards look beautiful and help in keeping the room mess-free.
  12. Do not fill in the room with too many furnishings. It can make your guest claustrophobic, also it can get difficult to walk around. Keep it simple and elegant.

Your guests deserve to be pampered and make sure you do that with an awesome guest bedroom that’s both efficient and stylish. Guest bedroom designed with these chic and creative ideas is guaranteed to make your guests feel at home and request another stay. For more inspiring guest bedroom interiors contact our team of brilliant interior designers @

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